Hurricane Ridge Engagement Wedding Kitsap

Cold, but so worth it. There is something about the sunrise that is special, and there is almost no better place in Washington to see it than Hurricane Ridge. A short drive from Kitsap County, we left at around 4am and reached the summit before the sun peeked over the top of the mountains. Engagement sessions are so fun, and when you have an adventurous couple that is up for anything it is even better. Do you have a good idea for your session? I’d love to hear about your spot that means something to you. You had me at adventure.

Double the Exposure, Double the Fun

When you experiment, things can either go either way.  I wasn't sure where this project would go when I started it, but it has really taken off into something tremendously fun for me.  A double exposure photograph is an age old technique of combining two separate exposure into one photograph.  In this case, a digital double exposure uses that idea and combines them in photoshop.  It is the most creative thing I've done with a camera, and I hope you enjoy.  

Violin // Kitsap // A Light in the Darkness

In a time of great divisiveness and chaos, music is a great unifier.  We can all appreciate a piece of music no matter our background.  I wanted to create a series of images that captured that idea, and was able to do so last week with the help of my daughter's violin teacher Jennifer Yarbrough who runs a studio in Poulsbo.

I hope you enjoy, and share some music with someone this week.  

See the ball. Be the ball.

The photographs and photo sessions that I end up loving the most are the ones where I can see your passion come through the lens of my camera.  People's passion can be hard to capture, but I love the challenge and the reward it gives when everything just clicks.  This technique was a first for me, and I am very happy with the results and the willing participant(s).  

More Twirling, Always More Twirling

Ballet is beautiful.  I don't understand it, and I most certainly can't pronounce all of the french words that have an accompanying motion despite my daughter's best effort to teach them too me (thanks to Angelina Ballerina).  But as I began to look at these images on my computer, I was taken back by the simple beauty of ballet.  These three sisters embody the elegance and grace that ballet demands, but bring a light and passion that was a joy to see.  These are some of my favorite pictures that I have taken.  I hope you enjoy them.  Ronde de jambe!!  Chassé!!  First Position!!   

The Simplicity of Music

I think that it is easy to get caught up and bogged down in the complexity of music dealing with practice, and musical theory, and gear, learning new material, and performing.  But there is another side to music that I absolutely love.  You can hand a tambourine, kazoo, drum, ukulele, or harmonica to any child and then just sit back and watch as their face lights up as they start to make music on their own for the first time.  It's a magical moment, and one of my deepest joys as I try to share music with my children.  Play along with them, sing with them, make up a song.  These are moments to be shared and treasured.  I promise you will all be laughing and smiling within minutes.  


Friendship, Piano, and Laughter are Contagious

These two...  What can I say?  I have always wanted to do a session of best friends who share a love of music, play together, and harmonize beautifully together.  There are times when photography can be very hard, and there are times when it is easy and this session was most definitely the latter.  It was a joy for me to look through my lens to see the bond only shared between best friends while listening to the music pouring forth from the baby grand piano and their voices.  Words couldn't do it justice.  There are many hidden musical talents in Kitsap County, all you have to do is look.  Thank you both for letting me listen!  

Why don't we always play Cello on the beach?

This is the question I kept finding myself coming back to as a I captured this photoshoot.  It was so perfect, so fun, and truly inspiring.  I know that I sometimes get caught up in my routine and my day-to-day that I settle into a familiar pattern.  Do you always practice in the same spot?  Is it inside?  Have you tried playing out in nature?  Why don't we get out more?  This week's shoot has brought these questions to the forefront of my thoughts this week and I want to encourage you (and myself) to change things up.  Take your instrument and get out there.  Your practice session might take a different path than it otherwise would have.  Play with the sun on your face.  You may find new notes and ideas out there.  Who knows?  


The Inagural

Here we go.  

I wanted to start this blog with the moment the wheels began to turn for this company in my head.  The photo in this post is my favorite picture of my daughter.  It's the screensaver on my phone, and it warms my heart every time I see it.  I was trying to accomplish a Suzuki practice session and she couldn't stop laughing.  It was frustrating at first, but then I realized I was missing a fantastic moment and picked up my camera.  Music is beautiful, and children are beautiful, and when you put the two together something powerful happens.  This is my moment with my daughter that encapsulates our time shared practicing at the age of 4.  What's yours?  What are your practices like?  What moments do you share in your musical journey with your child?  I want to capture these for you as I did for my own family.