Meet Jacob, Kimber, Olivia, Harrison, & Hudson

We are so glad you are here! My primary job is being a dad to these three beautiful, loud, funny human beings. My love of photography has its roots in the idea of capturing a moment and freezing it so I can take the time and soak it in, hold on to it, and appreciate it in all its beauty and mystery.

I am not good at talking about myself, so let me talk about you. I am obsessed with human connection and authentic relationships, and I want to capture yours and hear your story. I will do my absolute best to capture the real you, your real relationship, and document your engagement and wedding day in all its beauty.

Kimber and I shoot together and we would love to meet you and hear about your plans for the big day. Let’s hit up your favorite spot in nature and get an adventurous engagement session. Let me hear your idea. I can’t wait to make a unique double exposure print for you to display at your wedding and in your home. Let’s do this thing.

-Jacob Hamm